Hair loss, regardless of the cause can be a deeply emotional experience for a lot of people.  Often times, it isn't until we are faced with hair loss that we realize just how much we can be affected by it.

In the market today there are beautiful wigs that are comfortable to wear and look great.   With the right one, you can wear a wig with as much and sometimes more confidence than your natural bio hair.

A few keys to wearing wigs confidently are:

    The density is natural for your ethnicity and features.  A wig that has too much or too little hair will often times look unrealistic.

    The color is similar to your bio hair color or a color that compliments your skin tone.

    The fit of a wig is important.  The wig should not move around and should be placed correctly on your head.  The hairline should sit at a comfortable 3-4 finger depth from your eyebrows.

    Modifications may be necessary to make a wig your own.  This could include thinning, trimming, adding layers or bangs.


Made in Quebec City

This care kit has been developed with the well-being in mind of those who have lost their hair following chemotherapy or cranial radiotherapy treatment.  Hydrate your scalp and nourish your follicles to promote healthy regrowth.

Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Often required for the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy and cranial radiotherapy reduce or stop cell activity in the lumpy follicles and sebaceous glands.  The hair falls a few days after the start of treatment. The scalp can become sensitive, irritated and dehydrated during treatments.  When treatment is complete, the hair repels.  The capillary cycle is restarting, but the hair still weakened is therefore more likely to be damaged by treatments such as colouring, and certain hair products.  The importance of hair loss and how fast they grow back varies from person to person.  Every treatment and every patient is different.

100% Natural Ingredients

These Térapo Medik ® products are based on 100% natural active ingredients such as calendula oil, hydrolyzed corn starch and an amino acid complex.  They have soothing activity that soothes the itch while stimulating the hair follicles and regulating the hair cycle.

Available in salon for $130.00

To learn more about this Canadian Company and their natural scalp and hair products visit.


You may be eligible for some financial assistance with the cost of your wig.


Talk to your physician about a prescription for a wig if your hair loss is due to a medical condition.


Your private or employer insurance may cover a portion or the total cost of your wig.


Check with your tax accountant or the government on whether your wig purchase is tax deductable.


We offer financing through Credit Medical.


  1. Q. When should I book an appointment for a wig?
    As soon as possible. Giving yourself as much time as possible to explore what is available in the market is always best.
  2. Q. Does my hair need to be shaved before my appointment?
    No, you can come in before you have lost any hair, or after you have lost it all. We can match your color and style at any time.
  3. Q. When should I shave my head?
    Typically someone going through chemotherapy will shave once their hair starts to fall and they have lost a significant amount.
  4. Q. Where can I get my head shaved?
    At The Hairapy Shop we offer complimentary shaving to anyone going through chemotherapy.
  5. Q. What other options are available besides wigs?
    There is also beautiful headwear that can be worn instead of a wig. We also carry hat wigs. Wigs that you wear with a hat. These are cooler and less expensive than a full wig.